Welcome to My Blog

A Welcome from Kitsunebi-chan

Old foxes want no tutors.

— Thomas Fuller.

Welcome to my blog! My name is Amanda Marcus and I am currently a college student pursuing an Asian Studies and Anthropology double major with a focus on cultural anthropological research in Japan (specifically the cultural impact of Shinto on rural vs. urban social structures and the like).

Now, if that didn’t put you off…

This blog is a place for me to really get my thoughts out there. Whether it’s in relation to my studies or totally unrelated and just about something that I find interesting, I plan to put it on here. Most of it will be related to Asia (specifically Japan, Korea, and – to a lesser extent as I am not so expert on the area – China). I might find myself posting a serious opinion on the imperial family in Japan one day and then a random fun post about a K-pop group or Neimongolian pop group the next, so you never know!

I don’t want to drone on for too long, but as the name of my blog probably confused a few people, I figured I would include the origin of the title in this post as it is key to my identity on this site.

I know you probably read the title, paused, and either recognized it as a romanization of the Japanese language or were completely thrown off by it. Kitsune wa Tsuneni Tadashii Desu, which means “the fox is always correct” is the name that I chose for my blog, just as my pseudonym for this site is Kitsunebi-chan (kitsunebichan). Both are in relation to the Japanese fox and, slightly less clearly, related to Shinto (which is the focus of my research and a big subject of interest for me).

The fox is my favorite animal (with the cat coming in at a VERY CLOSE second), and when I was introduced to Shinto I discovered the kami (the closest equivalent word in English would be god, deity, or spirit) Inari Okami, or Oinari-sama, who is the god of foxes (among other things). Not only does Oinari-sama have messenger foxes, but the deity’s representatives possess control of kitsunebi (fox fire) which, let’s be real, that’s super cool! I fell in love with Oinari-sama and other fox-related mythology from Japan, and that is – roughly – where the name of this blog and my username came from. Who can argue with a god who chose a fox to be a messenger? The fox must always be correct, right?

Well, for now that’s all.

Signing off.

See you later.


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